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November 7, 2008

Indigo Joe’s

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First Impressions

Indigo Joe’s is located in what is clearly the most prosperous corner of the Power and McDowell Road intersection, amid realtors’ offices and fancy bread shops.

The internal decor is primarily sporting artifacts– including a complete run of NFL helmets, and the obligatory 24 televisions.  There is both a bar area and normal table seating with unusually high chairs.  Strangely, a small room off to the side offers a 1982-vintage Ms. Pac-Man game and claw-machine.  Several of the televisions are devoted to online trivia/poker games.


The lunch menu was primarily focused around burgers, sandwiches (both burger-alikes with different meats, and the more ‘deli sandwich’ style, and salads.  A handful of grilled meals are offered as appetizer combinations or lunches.  There’s nothing hugely exotic; at most an ethnically-defined spice on top of an American traditional item.  Surprisingly, buffalo wings and similar snackables were not a major part of the offerings.


I chose the chili cheeseburger.  While the patty was large, I was not asked how it should be cooked, and the cheese topping was a little short.  In fact, all the flavours were overpowered by the odd selection of a gallon of mustard, and lettuce and tomato which would wilt against the chili and beef.

This dish was served with french fries which were obviously coated for crispness– giving them an artificial texture, which distracted from the taste.


While the wait staff was generally competent and got our orders out together, it wasn’t a challenging service, with our party down to about six and the restaurant largely empty.


While Indigo Joe’s doesn’t do anything hugely wrong, also, nothing stands out either.  A different dish could easily fix the issues with my selection, but they lacked anything obviously stand-out as a “must-try” to compensate.

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